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Mindfulness Meditation Right Here in Ybor City

Who are the TZG and why are we here?

Tampa Zen Group provides the opportunity for Tampa residents to practice meditation in a supportive environment, and to create a social haven for mindfulness practices.

Our practice's structure comes from the lineage of the San Francisco Zen Center. Some members of TZG group have long-time and personal connections with San Francisco Zen Center, its practitioners and teachers.

The lineage we follow is Soto Zen, and we include readings from the Soto Zen traditional as part of the service after sitting practice.  That being said, we also read and discuss texts from other lineages of Buddhism as well, such as Vipassana and Tibetan Buddhism.  We find inspiration through diverse resources.

We meet on Saturday mornings starting just before 10am.  The full schedule is listed at the bottom of this page.



What To Expect When You First Attend

Zazen, or seated meditation, is not focused on beliefs or concepts, and participants are not taught what to believe. In Zen practice, each person is encouraged to study the self through mindfulness awareness practice, and to accept the reality of one’s own life without fear.

Experienced and beginners are welcome.  Instruction and meditation practice are always free. Donations are accepted, as they allow us to hold special events and further our undertaking.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing when you come to participate. Cushions and chairs are provided--though you may bring your own if you wish. 

We provide meditation instruction.  If you would like instruction, please contact us ahead of time to arrange to come early on Saturday morning.  We are happy to meet with you. 

You can find the schedule for the meditation sessions down below!

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9:45-9:55am  Quietly Enter Building

10-10:25am  Zazen (Seated Meditation) Period 1
10:25-10:35am  Kinhin (Slow Walking Meditation) -- You May Enter or Exit

10:35-11am  Zazen (Seated Mediation) Period 2
11-11:45am  Recitations, Readings, Discussion

11:45-12ish  Cleaning, Coffee, Tea, Snacks, Social Time



1310 N 15th St, Tampa, FL 33605, USA

(813) 330-0354

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